We optimise your product development by using the most experienced contract staff around the world

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How we are different Agos Pharma flips the traditional CRO model on its head.

Agos Pharma flips the traditional CRO model on its head.

  • We rely entirely on word of mouth and have no sales or marketing department – minimising overheads.
  • We bring and keep the best people on your project rather than maximise profits for shareholders.
  • We specialise in small pharma and biotech rather than pandering to the big clients.
  • We use tried and tested contract staff across the globe, rather than cheap inexperienced staff.
  • We don’t pitch with the A team then give you the B team.
  • We don’t spread staff across too many projects to maximise our profits.
  • We don’t underquote to get the job, then slam in change orders once you are committed.
  • We don’t use our databases – we develop the right ones for you – so you own your data rather than the CRO.

We do get the job done.

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