Montage of European flag and a scientist looking into a microscopeAgos Pharma have just renewed the SME status of our Irish subsidiary. This means we can access the excellent benefits offered by the EMA to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),which includes administrative, regulatory and financial support. We have found this especially useful for scientific advice, where you can get a 90% fee reduction for non-orphan products, and a 100% fee reduction for orphan products. SME status is also useful for PRIME eligibility and for interactions with the Innovation Task Force. All the benefits are listed on the EMA website via this link.

And they have a great little video to explain

If your company has fewer than 250 employees and either an annual turnover of not more than €50 million or an annual balance-sheet total of not more than €43 million then talk to us, even if you are based outside of the Europe.

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